How do I build a fire in a fireplace?

Answer If you combine heat, air and fuel in the right way, the result will be a roaring fire. In a fireplace, the chimney helps create the air flow that will sustain your fire. Matches or a lighter will s... Read More »

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Can you partially close fireplace flue when a fire is burning in fireplace?

You have to, or the fire is going to burn way too hot and not last very long. Depends on the type of wood you use also.

How to Light a Fire in a Fireplace?

A properly lit fire.Lighting a fire in a fireplace is, in general, viewed as an easy task. Because of this, a majority of people may forget a few key steps in the process that would help them enjoy... Read More »

How to Start a Fire in My Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is similar to a wood stove. It is a firebox made of steel that is inserted into your existing fireplace. You must take several precautions as you would when starting any other fi... Read More »

How far should furniture be away from a fireplace for fire safety?

According to the University of Idaho Cooperative Extension System, furniture should be kept a minimum of 3 feet from the fireplace. This also applies to any other flammable items, such as newspaper... Read More »