How do I build FICO credit score?

Answer Apply for Credit CardsCredit lines such as credit cards and loans help build your credit report because they report whether you pay your bills to the credit bureaus. If you cannot get a regular cre... Read More »

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What is the difference between a fico score&a credit score?

A FICO score and a credit score are essentially one in the same. The FICO score was created by the Fair Isaac Corporation. It is the most frequently used credit score.FICO AliasesAll three major cr... Read More »

Do lenders use credit score or fico score for mortgage rate?

Lenders use both credit and FICO scores to determine mortgage rates for individual borrowers. Mortgage companies use a "tri-merge" credit report that lists credit bureau scores from Experian, Equif... Read More »

What is a credit report& a FICO credit score?

A credit report is a record of an individual's debts that reflects his creditors and accounts, any public records about him and his identifying information. The credit bureaus use the information o... Read More »

Low FICO Score Credit Risk?

A low FICO (Fair Isaac Corp.) credit score can be a real problem when you want new credit. Because every lender will check with some credit bureau to discover what kind of credit score you have, a ... Read More »