How do I buff the gel coat of a boat?

Answer CleanRemove all wax, polish and dirt from the gelcoat. Wipe the area to be polished with a clean rag doused with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or acetone. Wear hand and eye protection during this proce... Read More »

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How to Buff Out a Coat of Wax on a Car?

There are a few strategies you may follow to bring out a good shine on your car's body with your buffing machine, starting with the products you want to use. Only buy liquid wax expressly manufactu... Read More »

How to Buff Clear Coat?

Clear coat buffing like a pro.

How to Buff a Powder Coat?

Powder coating involves dry powder paint adhered to metal with electrostatic charge or compressed air. After coating, the powder coat cures in a hot oven. The curing process melts the paint, creati... Read More »

How to Buff a Clear Coat Paint?

A clear coat finish is designed to protect a vehicle's paint job from the weather's corrosive effects. Over time, the shine on the top layer of clear coat can dull from the accumulation of dirt and... Read More »