How do I breed Russian dwarf hamsters?

Answer Breeding HamstersBuy a male and female Russian dwarf hamster at a local pet shop. Ask the employee about the sex of the hamsters they have; most pet stores know the sexes of their animals, and will... Read More »

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How big are russian dwarf hamsters?

The category "Russian dwarf hamsters" actually encompasses three hamster types: the Roborovski hamster, the Winter White Dwarf Russian hamster, and Campbell's Dwarf Russian hamster. As an adult, th... Read More »

How to Breed Dwarf Hamsters?

Breeding dwarf hamsters is easy. Please be sure you have "dwarf" hamsters.

Can Russian dwarf hamsters eat walnuts?

All breeds of hamsters can safely eat walnuts as well as all other kinds of nuts. Nuts are a good source of protein for your pet hamster. The protein found in walnuts is necessary for growth and ti... Read More »

How do I breed Siberian dwarf hamsters?

BreedingPlace a male and a female dwarf hamster together in a cage when they are ready to breed. Typically, the dwarf hamster breeds need to be between two and three months old before they are read... Read More »