How do I break my wrist fast, from inside my room?

Answer woah, when i saw this question i was like wtf. then i read it, and i get it. If your self conscious about being overweight in a bathing suit, just tell your coach about it, coaches are there to hel... Read More »

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How can I break my wrist fast!?

Will your wrist break from a direct blow?

Science project, baloney. No science project asks you to write a report on how hard to hit your wrist before it breaks. The school would worry about a lawsuit. If you're looking for attention, g... Read More »

Can a dog get a deep wound from inside the body and break through the skin?

i just wanted to add that not just chicken bones but ANY bones that have been cooked. chicken bones splinter, so do other cooked bones because during the cooking process they become weaker.sorry i ... Read More »

Piercing inside of wrist?

Ask a piercer ********? but i think it would look ugly, and you might loose your hand, and a lot of blood.... pierce anything else