How do I boot from an external hard drive?

Answer WINDOWS XP WILL RUN YOUR WIN 2K programs and there is provision for this. Open the Program.Click properties. Click Compatibility. Select windows2000. example:C:/Program files/ eprompter epromp... Read More »

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Can i boot Linux off a CD and use an external hard drive as the default drive?

Yes but you would also need a boot CD every time,The bare computer only has a very basic booting system that can't recognise usb disksEasiest solution is find or buy a second hand hard disk and ins... Read More »

How to Boot From a USB External Hard Drive?

A computer requires an operating system in order to function. The operating system resides on a hard drive that is most commonly found inside the computer. You can boot from an external USB hard dr... Read More »

How to Boot a Mac With an External Hard Drive?

To start up a Mac from a bootable external hard drive, hold down the proper key combination while the computer is starting up. The exact key combinations that can be used vary slightly from one typ... Read More »

How to Boot to an External Hard Drive?

The ability to boot to devices other than the internal hard drive and CD-Rom has not always been a standard feature in computers, due to the way the BIOs system was previously configured. Now nearl... Read More »