How do I boil water for plants?

Answer For WeedsCut down any weeds as close to the soil or patio as you can. Fill a kettle, and bring the water in it to a boil. Once the kettle begins to steam, remove it from the heat and take it direct... Read More »

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Does salt water or pure water boil the fastest?

Pure water boils faster. The presence of a salt lowers the vapor pressure of salt water compared with pure water, so more heat energy is required to vaporize its molecules.References:Sciencebase: S... Read More »

How do you boil water?

1. Eat a can of beans.2. Fill your tub with water and get in.3. Wait for the bubbles--that means the water is boiling.

How to Boil Water?

You think boiling water is easy, right? You just heat the water until it starts bubbling. But there's a little bit more to it than that, especially if you want to be a precise and most excellent cook.

Is it okay to boil mineral water?

Ask the 'someone' why it isn't right. I doubt you will get a proper explanation as there isn't one. I use a water filter jug as it works well and is convenient. Some bottled water was found to cont... Read More »