How do I blow dandelion seeds?

Answer Pluck the dandelion stem near the bottom of the plant.Think of a wish you want to come true and think of it as you blow the dandelion.Inhale a deep breath, place the dandelion near your mouth and e... Read More »

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How the dandelion spreads its seeds?

I beleve mine blew do to a lose power connectionn at the circuit board. These are the press on connections.

Are dandelion seeds poisonious to horses?

Dandelion seeds and foliage blemish a rolling green pasture, but pose no health risk to horses. However, ingestion of flatweed, otherwise known as false dandelion, causes stringhalt. Degenerative n... Read More »

How Do Dandelion Seeds Get the Fluffy & White Look?

A member of the sunflower family, the dandelion species is called Taraxacum officinale and is one of the most easily recognized weeds in the United States. The name dandelion means "tooth of the li... Read More »

If i eat dandelion will i sick?

Dandelions are highly nutritious, and could probably be considered a "superfood" if not universally despised (at least in the U.S.) as lawn dominating weeds. This plant has been known and used for... Read More »