How do I block somone from seeing a photo album on facebook?


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How to block people from seeing pictures on facebook?

You cant block two people from seeing that pic. If that photo's audience is friends or friends of friends then You can add them to restricted list, then they wont see it. Go to privacy settings, yo... Read More »

How to block someone from seeing facebook pictures?

An far as I know, you can't. Mabey you should: A. Quit facebook B. Stop posting pictures C. change your settings to where only your friends can see them.

How do you block other people from seeing your status on facebook?

log in to your settings you will go to 'my account'then go down to privacy and click manage on the right.then click profile.go down to statuses and the drop down box that ... Read More »

How do you delete photo album from facebook?

Go to that album, click edit album, then delete album