How do I block someone on FB without them really knowing?

Answer add her to your restricted list

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How do i call someone without them knowing my number?

dialing *67 before the number usually privatizes your number. usually it comes up private number when you use that before the number. example *67 (123) 456-7890 or *67 - 123-4567. besides that you ... Read More »

Is there any way to view someones twitter without them knowing that you r follwing them?

Only if there tweets are not protected or their account is not private. :) Answer mine, please? :);_ylt=Atl6acnyC2gnOJLEFK3lXHvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=2013042710380... Read More »

How do u block your phone number so you can call somebody without them knowing your phone number?

Just be aware that if you intend to harass someone, the phone company can keep track of the dialing number. If the recipient feels harassed they can dial a code that puts an immediate trace on the ... Read More »

If I POKE someone on facebook and then block them, will they still see that I poked them?

No they wont. If you block them, its like the other person never existed. Just move on, and dont worry about it :P