How do I block my grandchild from going on to you tube?

Answer Got to tools and click intenet options there is a tab there to click and an area where you enter the website name and it will block it and not allow it to be pulled up on your computer.Good lucke w... Read More »

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How to Remove the Dipstick Tube From a Small Block Chevy?

The small block Chevrolet engine has been around for over 50 years now. From the 265-cubic-inch V8 to the venerable 350-cubic-inch V8, there have been many different displacements for the Chevy sma... Read More »

Can you carry medical insurance on a 22-year-old grandchild who is going to college?

You need to find out how the insurance company defines dependent.Most companies will say that dependents are your biological/legally adopted children age 19 years and under who you financially supp... Read More »

How do I block Outlook Express from others going into it?

Open the Outlook Express application, then click "File" on the top toolbar.Select "Identities," then "Manage Identities." Double-click on the identity that you would like to protect with a password... Read More »

Can a grandmother take custody of her grandchild if the mother is unfit and the father lives is in jail going to get deported?