How do I block all website access except one site?

Answer Set the Windows Web FilterUse the Block/Allow List in the Windows Web Filter to block access to all Web pages except for one site. To access the Web filter controls, click on the "Start" button and... Read More »

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How do I block access to a certain website?

Editing the Hosts FileLocate the hosts file and open it in a text editor. On a Mac, open Finder, go to "Go," "Go To Folder," and type in "/etc." Double-click on "hosts" to open the file in TextEdit... Read More »

How do i block access to a website using firefox?

Get the Firefox Add-OnOpen Firefox. Click on "Tools" and then "Add-Ons." Click the "Get Add-Ons" tab. Type "BlockSite" into the search box. Press the "Return" key. Click "Add to Firefox" to add Blo... Read More »

How does WIKIPEDIA SITE get enough money to run the website since it is free access to all ?

with Donations... and they receive a lot of them

How could I access facebook at school if my school blocked the site and also block all proxies?

Yes, it is called hacking and usually carries heavy punsihments if caught. Bottom line, the sites are blocked for a reason, respect that and do your school work at school. Go to the blocked sites... Read More »