How do I Block a individual from calling my Phone number I only need to Block one Person from calling MyPhone?

Answer you can only block by a couple of waysif that person is making threatening calls, you can use a trace by hitting *57 and then make a report and go to court over it.if that person is making annoying... Read More »

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Is there a phone card that will block the number you are calling from?

here is a calling card where you can choose the number and name can start for just 10 bucks...…

How do i block a number from calling my mobile phone Please help.?

What network are you on? You cannot block a number if like me you are with O2. I changed my number last week & it was FOC. O2 did this within two hours.

How can I block a certain phone number from calling my cell?

There is no way of blocking a # from calling you. I had the same problem and cingular suggested changing my number.

On comcast phone service how do you block someone's number from calling you?

What is Call Screening and how do I use it with my Comcast Digital Voice® service?When you don't want to be interrupted by certain callers, Call Screening allows you to create a list of up to 12 n... Read More »