How do I bleach a cedar fence?

Answer Mix a solution of 1-part bleach to 3 parts water and apply it to the fence in an up and down motion with a power washer or high-pressure garden hose. Allow the bleach to soak into the wood for seve... Read More »

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How to Bid a Cedar Fence?

Fencing can be a profitable line of work for carpenters and handymen. It requires a limited set of tools and knowledge, can be completed quickly and is typically simple enough to be done single-han... Read More »

How do I treat a cedar fence?

Preparatory WorkUsing twine, tie back any plants around the fence so they aren't damaged during the treating process. Using a 25-degree tip and a 2,000 psi power washer, wash the surface of the ced... Read More »

Do it Yourself: Cedar Fence?

Cedar is often used as a fencing material because the type of wood holds up well in a variety of weather conditions. Cedar lumber does not decay as quickly as other types of wood, which is a good t... Read More »

How do I prime a cedar fence?

Wait six weeks for new cedar to dehydrate before applying a coat of primer. Clean the cedar fence, using a pressure washer. Wait for the fence to dry.Trim vegetation from the fence, using hedge tri... Read More »