How do I bite my own elbow :/?

Answer Dislocate your shoulder and then twist at such an angle that it reaches your mouth. Good luck.

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Can you bite your right elbow?

I have a big bug bite on my elbow wat is it?…

What is reddish with brown spots in middle circle rash on baby's elbow inner elbow buttocks and leg?

What did your pediatrician/dermatologist say? If you baby has an undetermined rash you need to have it evaluated!

How much would a henna tattoo of a star on each elbow cost Can they even do a star on your elbow?

I'd probably charge you £40 - £50 ($40-$60) for that, because its such a pain to do! You would have to keep your arms completely still for as long as the henna takes to dry which could be up to a... Read More »