How do I become known on YouTube?

Answer Have cool names for ur vids and get a cool logo plus there is some sites that if you pay like $20 it'll make sure you get thousands of hits.

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How do you become well known on "YouTube" for playing the Guitar?

Well advert is really helping people worldwide. Well on youtube itself you cant but on sites which have links to youtube would be a great idea. Plus create attractive tutorials with the words "easy... Read More »

How can you get well known on youtube?

You dont get magically "noticed" or whatever. The "famous" people on youtube have owned their accounts for a long time. It is a very long process. Just give your vids some time

Getting known on youtube... Help!?

Create social accounts, facebook,twitter,thumblr,instagram, pintrest, you name it.Share your content there.

How to Become Known on Meez?

A player talking with a is a very popular virtual world website. It's fun to meet up with your current friends and make new ones. But if you feel you just aren't known enough on me... Read More »