How do I become financially indepentent while in uni?

Answer u don't - fixate on graduating withhigh marks.plenty of jobs available 4 studentsu just have to hustle.

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Where to get Health insurance for indepentent 19 year old living in NY State?

A Complete Health Insurance Guide Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U.

What does it mean to be financially in the red?

When you are financially "in the red," your business is losing more money than it is earning. Although a business might rely upon credit lines or loan extensions and continue to operate, it must be... Read More »

How to Be Financially Successful?

Many teenagers and adults run into forms of financial trouble from time to time. By using the money you already possess more efficiently and learning new ways to make money you can quite easily min... Read More »

How is Valic doing financially?

Renters Insurance doe snot cover "Real Property". If you have purchased a home then you need a Homeowners Insurance Policy.