How do I become financially indepentent while in uni?

Answer u don't - fixate on graduating withhigh marks.plenty of jobs available 4 studentsu just have to hustle.

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How to Become Financially Stable in Six Months?

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If a security guard company is 'bonded' are they financially responsible for items stolen while their guard was on duty?

Answer In General a security company coud be considered liable for a theft while on duty, However there is usually a clause or disclaimer in the security contractors contract that would wave such l... Read More »

Where to get Health insurance for indepentent 19 year old living in NY State?

A Complete Health Insurance Guide Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U.

Can I become a dual citizen while I become a naturalized US citizen?

The U.S. government doesn't specifically prohibit dual citizenship, nor does it legally recognize dual citizenship. Consequently, a person undergoing naturalization in the United States must only r... Read More »