How do I become an opera singer and what is too old?

Answer Although the optimal age for voice training is in the 20s, if you possess the natural potential, dedication and motivation to learn opera's musical practices and techniques, no age is too old to pu... Read More »

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How do i become an opera singer?

Opera is an elegant art form in which talented musicians sing and act out a collection of songs that tell a story. Because opera singers don't rely on microphones or studio alterations to perfect p... Read More »

How to Become a Great Acting Opera Singer?

The home of the Great Opera Singer-ActorsThere are many Opera Singers in the world, but few of them rise above the level of a comfortable mediocrity! Few indeed are the Opera Singers that shall be ... Read More »

Who was the first black singer to perform at the metropolitan opera house in new york city?

Marian Anderson was the first African-American vocal soloist to appear on stage at New York City's Metropolitan Opera House. On January 1, 1955, she performed the role of Ulrica in "Un Ballo in Mas... Read More »

Will attachments for 15-91 Singer fit a Singer 99K?

Not all Singer 15-91 attachments will work on a Singer 99K. Several early Singer sewing machine attachments, such as the treadles, are compatible with other early Singers, but other attachments, l... Read More »