How do I become accustomed to the taste of coffee?

Answer I was the same way, but figured it would be in my best interest for college instead of killing myself with energy drinks. All I did was find a liquid creamer I liked and put it in my coffee. At fir... Read More »

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Can a person become accustomed to kimchi even if he/she isnt used to spicy foods?

Yes, a person can learn to appreciate foods that they normally wouldn't have before. It doesn't matter if you are Chinese or American, the varieties of kimchi are delicious. Due to the lactic acid ... Read More »

Is Coffee a Acquired Taste?

Not if it's good. And no one should ever acquire a taste for bad coffee.When I was younger, I thought coffee was nasty after trying some my parents made & loved. Later, I tried some coffee at a res... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Coffee Taste From a Travel Mug?

Over time, coffee leaves a strong smell in your frequently used travel mugs. This is due partly to the strong smell of the coffee itself, but a bigger reason why your travel mug clings to the smell... Read More »

How to Measure Coffee for a Great Taste?

Coffee serves as a rich, bold beverage that's served either chilled or hot. It can be caffeinated, decaffeinated, blended with creams or enjoyed as-is without any sweetener. However, the flavor of ... Read More »