How is zombie babby formed How zombie girl get pragnent?

Answer They need way do zombofried mothras. Who eat their babbys. I am truely sorry for your lots.

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Could the virus LQP-79 ( zombie like symptoms and the urge to eat human flesh) become true in the 21st century?

To all you saying "Such virus doesn't exist" first off... HOW DO YOU KNOW 100% percent... I'm not one big on conspiracies nor am I saying the "Zombie Apocalypse" is true or false. But what I am sta... Read More »

I spit blood when brushing my teeth, does this mean I'm going to become a flesh eating zombie?

That...Or Gingivitis, I have the same thing. Or maybe...Just to be safe, lock yourself in a room for a few weeks, alone.

What is the zombie camera for in zombie farm?

It gets you 100 coins everyday that you take a picture, but you only get coins once a day. There are also tasks that require you to take photos to get exp

How do you get a zombutterfly with the zombie pot in zombie farm?

One ZomBEE + one zombotanist in zombie pot gives chance to get zombutterfly. ZomBEE + garden zombie or ZomBEE + flower zombie Probably works too.