How do I become SWAT police?

Answer SWAT, which stands for Special Weapons And Tactics, responds at the request of the Incident Commander to barricade/hostage situations and/or suicide intervention, and the suspect may be armed, acco... Read More »

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Free Police SWAT Team Games?

Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) teams are highly trained and heavily armed squads of police officers sent into especially dangerous situations to rescue hostages or perform other tasks where pol... Read More »

How to Start a Police SWAT Team With Federal Funding?

With the many active shooting and terrorist attacks in recent years, many police departments have come to realize the usefulness of Special Weapons and Tactics teams. SWAT teams have more training ... Read More »

90's police show where police use cars and money they confiscate from criminals All undercover police drive nice cars taken from criminals?

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How to Swat a Fly in Mid Air?

Will that fly that you're trying to kill not stand still? Trying to get a fly to land so you can swat it isn't always an option. Swatting them in mid-air works, but can get frustrating as well. Thi... Read More »