How do I bead a necklace?

Answer Cut and StringCut a length of beading cord or dental floss about 3 inches longer than you want your finished necklace to be. Tie a knot about 1 inch in from one end. Thread beads from the other end... Read More »

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How to Bead a Necklace?

You can save money learning the art of beading jewelry and by creating your own designs. You can buy many of the items used to make jewelry at a craft store or online and you can also save more mon... Read More »

How to Bead Necklace Patterns?

Make custom patterned and beaded necklaces at home, rather than opting for the mass-produced, and often over-priced, necklaces available in the accessory aisle of your favorite clothing boutique or... Read More »

How To Bead a Necklace Tube?

You can use several beading stitches to form a tube shape to make a strand for a necklace, bracelet or purse strap. The Russian spiral and the DNA strand stitches create patterns that appear to be ... Read More »

How to String a Bead Necklace?

Did ever you see necklaces in shops and you want one of your own but you want to have your own style & not a massed produced one?? Why not make one for yourself or make some as gifts or even sell t... Read More »