How do I bathe a kitten with lemon detergent?

Answer Grooming a kittenPlace the kitten in a small vessel that can hold water. A kitchen sink is ideal for this if you have a sprayer attached to your faucet. Gently grasp the kitten by the back of their... Read More »

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How to Bathe a Kitten?

Cute huh?Bathing a cat is difficult enough, but when you've got a rambunctious kitten on your hands, it's even harder! Even the dirtiest kittens get clean after a few of days of moist wiping. If yo... Read More »

How do i make lemon curd with reconstituted lemon juice?

Microwave Lemon CurdStart with a microwave safe bowl, where you will whisk together 1 cup of white sugar and three eggs until smooth and a ribbon-like consistency is achieved.Add Lemon JuiceNext st... Read More »

How to Bathe With Oil?

Dry skin leads to redness, irritation, flaking and itching. Moisturizing is a vital part of soothing dry skin. The best time to moisturize the skin is while it's wet and has absorbed water from the... Read More »

How to Bathe With Milk?

Milk has many health benefits when consumed as a part of a healthy diet, but many people don't realize that it can also be used as a part of a skin care routine. Milk provides moisture to the skin ... Read More »