How do you audition for American idol?

Answer Go to the internet and find the nearest place were American idol is auditioning. Go there fill out an audition form.Hope you win

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Do you pay to audition on American idol?

no auditioning is free but you may have to travel to get to a city that has auditions which could cost money for gas or plane tickets

How do you get a audition on American idol?

go to an audition city found at

How can you audition for American idol?

Not sure but it could cost you millions! There is an online substitute called Online Idol. It's totally free and all you need it a voice, video camera, and a laptop/computer. You don't get to go to... Read More »

Do you have to be American to audition for American Idol?

No, but you have to have the necessary visa that is required to work in the USA.I don't think so.