How do I attract yellow finches to my yard?

Answer Yellow finches, also known as goldfinches or wild canaries, are an attractive addition to any backyard. They can found, at various times, throughout the United States and southern Canada. Attractin... Read More »

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About Yellow Finches?

Finches are considered passerines, meaning they comprise more than half of the bird population. The yellow or gold finch's name means "sad thistle seed eater," however the sad part does not fit the... Read More »

Do yellow finches migrate?

There are several members of the Fringillidae, or finch, family with primarily yellow coloring. Common ones found throughout the United States include the American goldfinch and lesser goldfinch. T... Read More »

Are yellow finches dying in Tennessee?

Yes, yellow finches and other songbirds were dying from salmonella poisoning in 2009. Suet and seed blends supplied by a pair of bird food companies may have caused the deaths, but that determinati... Read More »

Where do wild yellow finches go at night?

Wild yellow finches take shelter at night in green thickets, brambles or leafy shrubbery. Finches seek dense vegetation after dark for protection from wind, weather and cold and so they can sleep s... Read More »