How do I attach shutters to vinyl siding?

Answer Drilling HolesDrill starter holes approximately 1 inch from all four corners of the shutter. Hold the shutter next to the window and mark the spot on the siding with a pencil or marker, through the... Read More »

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How do I attach things to vinyl siding?

Safe ProductsUse removable hooks or 3m products. When using nails and screws, you will be left with holes wherever things are hung. This can make the vinyl siding look horrible. 3m has numerous opt... Read More »

How do I attach a flag to vinyl siding?

Measure for BracketMeasure the mounting bracket and the space the flag will hang to ensure that there is enough clearance for the mounting bracket to hang comfortably. Using a pencil, mark the plac... Read More »

Can painting my vinyl shutters a darker color warp my shutters?

Painting vinyl shutters a darker color can cause them to warp, because the darker surface will absorb more light. The excess heat may be more than the shutters are designed to withstand and may war... Read More »

House Shutters & Siding Colors?

One of the largest and most recognizable parts of the trim, shutters play a large part in the overall look of the home. Shutters interact with an even larger part of the home, the siding, to form t... Read More »