How do I attach my corals to live rock?

Answer Securely attaching your corals to live rock is a way to ensure the safety of your corals. When the polyps, or individual animals, on a coral are touched by rock, sand or glass, they can be damaged.... Read More »

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How to Attach Sponges to Live Rock?

Although sea sponges look like plants, and were once classified as such, they are actually animals. There are more than 5,000 species of sponge, divided into three subspecies. All sponges have the ... Read More »

Can I use T5 lighting for SPS corals?

Metal halide lighting has been a favored method of keeping SPS corals over the past few years due to their requirement for powerful lighting. However, some experienced reef-keepers have demonstrate... Read More »

Are corals living organisms?

According to the Coral Reef Alliance, coral is made up of tiny animals called coral polyps. The hard rock-like substance is the accumulation of the skeletons left behind when the polyps die.Referen... Read More »

Can AC/DC Live Rock Band be used with a Rock Band 3 guitar?

Yes, you can use a Rock Band 3 Pro guitar to play AC/DC Live Rock Band as well as other Rock Band games. All song lists from previous versions will be able to upload into Rock Band 3 Pro which wil... Read More »