How do I attach a wood mantel to brick?

Answer InstructionsPlace the mantel against the brick where you wish to attach it, and mark the points on the top ends of the mantel with a pencil. Cut mounting cleats, which are sections of 2-by-4 wood t... Read More »

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How to Add a Mantel to a Brick Fireplace?

Fireplaces add a touch of romance to your interior. One of the key features of a truly classic fireplace is a beautiful wood mantel shelf. If you have a brick fireplace with no mantel to hang your ... Read More »

How to Replace a Brick Mantel?

Brick mantels are built to last for decades, which makes their replacement a long and laborious process. You’ll need to remove each brick by hand to rid yourself of the mantel. Once it’s cleare... Read More »

How do I clean fireplace mantel brick?

Mix the Cleaning SolutionPut rubber gloves on your hands before cleaning. Put towels in front of the fireplace to catch any drips or dirt that may fall when cleaning.Clean the BrickMix one part tri... Read More »

How do I attach a wooden mantel to bricks?

PreparationReview your local building codes regarding the required distance of the wood from the firebox. Assemble the three mantle pieces--two sides and the shelf according to the manufacturer's i... Read More »