How do I attach a wire brush accessory to a drill?

Answer InstructionsMake sure the wire brush's fitting matches your drill's socket. Check the specifications on the wire brush head's packaging and the drill's manual to ensure that a match exists. Notice ... Read More »

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How to Drill Very Small Holes with Wire Size Drill Bits?

Drilling small holes with wire-sized drill bits can be especially difficult. The smaller the drill bit, the more likely it is to break. You must be especially careful to keep small drill bits cool,... Read More »

How to Wire an Accessory to the Fuse Box?

Wiring to your vehicle's fuse box is often the simplest way to connect and power aftermarket accessories, such as lighting kits or alarms. Stock vehicle wiring systems are often complex and difficu... Read More »

How to Wire an Auto Accessory Relay?

A relay is nothing more than a remote on and off switch. By design, it is intended to allow actuation from several sources. At the same time, a relay conducts high amperage, which can be dangerous ... Read More »

How to Attach a Three-Wire 220V Dryer Cord to a Four-Wire Dryer?

Newer clothes dryers use a four-wire power cord with a four-prong jack. This four-wire setup adds a grounding wire not found in older three-wire power cords, creating an additional layer of fire pr... Read More »