How do I assign free space left behind by a second OS to the primary OS?

Answer You can do that kind of thing in Ubuntu ;-)

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What is the business model behind of Google/Yahoo when they are providing GBs of add-free free mail space .?

In business terms it is what is referred to as a "lost Leader". It is something you give away to increase traffic to your site with the expectation that while the people are there they will go to o... Read More »

My internal hard disk has only 40 mega bite left but loosing space every day .how can make free disk space?

A man is on a game show he is presented with two doors one on the left and one on the right behind him is 2 million dollars and behind the other is a donkey choose the correct door to win the prize th?

How to assign a specific workplace for a second monitor on Mac OS X Lion?

No. Your arrangement options for displays is mirroring or not. There is no option to arrange separate displays for Mission Control spaces.You can get close by de-selecting "Automatically rearrange ... Read More »