How do I ask my mum if I can start shaving...?

Answer Just go up to your mum or the next time your out shopping and ask her to buy you a razor, and if she asks why then explain it to her, she'll understand, it's not like she wants you to walk around w... Read More »

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Should I start shaving?

i started shaving in 5th grade, and i dont regret it either, but if you are afarid of shaving, with a razor, or you think yyou are to young, i would use nair, you can buy nair at a loca store like ... Read More »

Should I start shaving my legs.?

yes shave! I started in like fifth-sixth grade! and it doesn't have to be every two days! I only shave like once a week

Girls...What age did you start shaving?

I started shaving at 12 too, I think it's a great age to start and I'm sure most girls your age have started too.

Ladies, at what age did you start shaving?