How do I arrange vegetables in a garden?

Answer BasicsWatch how the sun moves across your intended plot, then arrange your rows lying east to west so the sun follows across them, and you will have fewer concerns about plant shading.Arrange veget... Read More »

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How do I stick vegetables in the garden?

Planning for 20 inches of space between rows of most vegetables is one of the keys to success in home gardening, according to After clearing rocks and tilling the land, plant ... Read More »

How do I garden vegetables on a hill?

When envisioning the ideal garden, most of us likely picture flat, expansive plots producing a maximum yield of plants and vegetables. However, slopes and hills are inevitable features of many lan... Read More »

How to Freeze Garden Vegetables?

If your garden produced more vegetables than you know what to do with, consider freezing the excess to enjoy later in the year. Most garden vegetables can be frozen and will keep well if stored in ... Read More »

How to Garden Greenhouse Vegetables?

A greenhouse is an enclosed gardening structure with clear walls that holds enough heat in the winter to support plant development. Greenhouse vegetable growing requires plenty of light and is more... Read More »