How do I apply starter fertilizer?

Answer Protective GearWear a pair of gardening gloves and a dust mask before you begin handling and applying the starter fertilizer, which contains nitrogen and phosphorus. Leave the protective gear outdo... Read More »

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How do i apply scotts starter fertilizer?

Apply Scott's starter fertilizer when planting new grass seed, sod, sprigs or plugs. Use a hand-held spreader for a small lawn or a push spreader for a larger lawn. Set the spreader setting accordi... Read More »

Starter Grass Fertilizer?

Establishing a new lawn or simply patching up certain areas can be accomplished by applying new grass seed or sod. It is beneficial to lay a starter fertilizer before either seeding or laying sod t... Read More »

How do I use 18-8-18 as a grass starter fertilizer?

Finding the Right Fertilizer RatioUse a home soil test kit and follow the package instructions for testing the soil. Check your fertilizer ratio which is the N, P205, K20 number given to you by ... Read More »

How do I blend clover seed& starter fertilizer?

Clover Seeds and FertilizerMix clover seed and starter fertilizer in a seed broadcaster. Use 10 to 12 pounds of clover seed per pound of 20-60-20 starter fertilizer for each acre of land. Sow clove... Read More »