How do I apply epoxy floor paint?

Answer PreparationTape plastic sheeting along the walls of the foundation with painter's tape. Sweep the floor thoroughly and remove all the dirt and dust. Scrub the floor with a mixture of etching soluti... Read More »

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How do I apply epoxy paint to a painted cement floor?

CleaningWash the painted cement floor with a mop and bucket. Rinse all soapy residue from the floor to prevent potential problems with paint adhesion. Allow the cement floor to dry out completely b... Read More »

How do I apply epoxy floor coating?

PreparationClean soiled or stained parts of the floor with a mixture of one part degreaser and one part water. Scrub the floor with etching solution and then rinse with a hose. Let the floor comple... Read More »

How do I apply an epoxy floor coating with a squeegee?

Apply EpoxyMix the epoxy floor coating in a mixing bucket per the package directions. Apply the epoxy to the floor in a straight line that runs along the furthest wall. Use a squeegee to pull the m... Read More »

What is epoxy floor paint?

Epoxy floor paint is attractive, relatively inexpensive and can breath new life into stained or cracked concrete floors.What is Epoxy Floor Paint?Epoxy floor paints are durable, heat-resistant, wat... Read More »