How do I appeal a termination of employment?

Answer PersonalSpeak directly with the head of your department or company. This may or may not be the person who terminated you. Address the reasons for termination and how you will avoid them in the futu... Read More »

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Can a parent appeal a voluntary termination of parental rights?

Reasons for a Termination of Employment?

The employer can terminate the employee at-will (for any or no reason at all), as long as he does not violate the contract or employment and anti-discrimination laws, according to Optimus Law. Ther... Read More »

Termination of Employment & Severance Pay?

When an employer terminates an employee, the employer may offer a severance package. A severance agreement is a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee. The parties are bound b... Read More »

How to Write a Termination of Employment?

At some point in the course of managing a business, most supervisors will have to write a letter of termination of employment. Although this is unpleasant both to write and to receive, there are wa... Read More »