How do I antique galvanized steel?

Answer Age Galvanized Steel NaturallySimply leave galvanized steel alone to antique it. Dust the item once a week to keep it clean. The outer layer of zinc will age naturally on its own (during manufactur... Read More »

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What is the difference between steel and galvanized steel?

AnswerGalvanized steel is steel that has been hot dipped in a pool of molten zinc. The zinc adheres to the steel, cools and hardens to form a rust inhibitive finish to plain steel.

Why Does Galvanized Steel Pit?

Galvanized steel is covered or coated with zinc to help prevent it from rusting, scratching, pitting or other stressing of the metal. However, in time the galvanized coating disperses and eliminate... Read More »

How do i weld galvanized steel together?

Galvanized steel refers to steel that has been protected from rust and wear through a chemical process. The galvanization process covers the steel with a zinc coating (zinc is the most common eleme... Read More »

Is galvanized better than stainless steel?

On One Hand: Cheap and DurableGalvanized steel tends to be inexpensive, and it's usually cheaper than the stainless steel equivalent. In addition, galvanized steel also boasts all the strength that... Read More »