How do I answer a Wikipedia message?

Answer Hi there. First, you need to know the name of the user who gave you this warning. This can usually be found right after the message that he gave you on your talk page. Look at the top right corn... Read More »

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If you wanted a 'wikipedia' answer... wouldn't you just go to wikipedia...?

i agree wholeheartedly, someone asked a question "who remembers this famous show" and i answered it cause i remembered it and said about some of my memories from the show, but best answer went to t... Read More »

Should I answer this text message ?

Please don't answer it but go ahead and read it, if it says something you can recognize or has a name you know, go ahead, but if not don't answer. Be careful!

How do you reply to a talk message on Wikipedia?

Edit the section of your talk page which contains the message. Reply there if you wish. Copy the message and any reply; go to the other user's talk page and at the bottom of the page paste the mess... Read More »

Error Message 403 when logging into Wikipedia?

Definitely not Wikipedia. Must be some other site (unrelated to Wikipedia) running the same MediaWiki software. You will have to contact the webmaster at