How do I annoy my neighbours?

Answer Play i am a garden gnome outside there house with about 10 of your m8s. All you do is knock on the door. And when they open all your m8 dance around in the garden like idiots signing i am a garden ... Read More »

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How well do you get on with your neighbours?

What neighbours?. l live in the middle of No Where.Lol

Trouble with neighbours,what do i do?

Call the police and file a complaint. You were threatened. Report it each time you're threatened. The more you report, the more you'll be taken seriously. If he threatens you enough, you may be abl... Read More »

What can I do about noisy neighbours?

Find out who owns the property and write to them

Names for your neighbours?

We had a family years ago by us who always seemed to dig and do work on the front drive after 10pm at night. There was a film out at the time called "The Burbs". So that's what they were called.T... Read More »