How do I amend court ordered child custody in California?

Answer File a Notice of MotionContact the Superior Court of California in the county that holds jurisdiction of the previous custody order. Obtain and complete a notice of motion for modification of child... Read More »

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If you are ordered to court proceedings over child custody or support and ordered to bring tax returns for the last few years may one ask the Judge that you want a DNA test done for proof?

Answer Your best bet is that you go to court WITH a Family Law Attourney.He will know how to approach the subject with the Judge, very possibablly before you even get to Court. There are many  at... Read More »

Does a company have the right to fire a child for having to leave for 6 weeks due to court ordered custody?

If the father has court ordered custody can the mother fight for custody?

Yes, a mother can fight for custody. Unfortunately, the courts are going to tell you no, if you can't prove the change in custody is beneficial to the child's well being. There were reasons why the... Read More »

Can a parent get sole custody even if the court ordered joint custody if the non-custodial parent hasn't been in the kids' lives for 5 years?

You would have to go back to court. Have your attorney file for a modification of custody order. Your ex would be notified through his attorney and would have to answer your allegation.