How do I alphabetize my BOOKMARKS list I use Firefox, which I like MUCH better......?

Answer If you're using FF3, you can't reliably alphabetize the main bookmarks menu(the bookmarks may get alphabetized in the 'library' pop up or the sidebar, but not in the drop-down menu, or the changes ... Read More »

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How to Search Firefox Bookmarks?

Searching bookmarks in Firefox is a simple process if you know how to do it.

How to Export Bookmarks from Firefox?

If you have Mozilla Firefox and want to move your bookmarks to another computer or back them up.

How to Backup Firefox Bookmarks?

You can back up your Firefox bookmarks to protect your browser's data from unexpected software crashes. The bookmark feature in Firefox lets you quickly go to your favorite websites and you can add... Read More »

Is there any way to save my Firefox Bookmarks?

Why don't you just EXPORT them to a floppy or burn them to a CD if they are bigger then a floppy?Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks... the bookmark manager will open ... click on FILE > Export then sav... Read More »