How do I aerate a lawn?

Answer Tools For AeratingPurchase or rent an aerating tool that will poke holes in the lawn. There are many available such as shoes with spikes on them, poles or forks that will pierce the ground, or roll... Read More »

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When is the best time to aerate a lawn?

The best time for aeration is when the soil is damp. Aerate only when the lawn is well established, to avoid disturbing root growth or pulling up protective thatch. Also, choose a cool, rainy seaso... Read More »

Can you aerate a lawn after fertilizing it?

Aeration is the process of placing holes in a lawn to allow air to circulate through the soil better and permit nutrients through. Aeration can be performed after fertilization, but it is best to a... Read More »

Reasons to Aerate & Overseed Lawn?

Healthy lawns are rooted in healthy soil. Vibrant, lush landscaping that is properly cared for will require less water to maintain and will withstand stresses by preventing invasive weeds, harmful ... Read More »

How do I aerate a fescue lawn in summer?

Aerating MachineRent an aerating machine that has hollow spikes on it. Run the machine back and forwards across the fescue lawn. Repeat the process, but work at right angles to the first run.Aerati... Read More »