How do I adopt a substance-exposed baby?

Answer Adoption can be a joyful experience for parents desiring a child, even when adopting a substance-exposed baby. However, in some cases, there are physical and psychological problems that may occur i... Read More »

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If newborn baby was exposed to laryngitis?

list the risks involved when lifting and carrying children

If 15 yr old girl 16 yr old boy are having baby and want to adopt out can parents of kids make them keep the baby or can the kids legally put baby up for adoption?

No, only the parents decide this and the adoption papers is the only legally binding contract a minor can sign. When it comes to your child you have the same rights as an adult. No one can force yo... Read More »

Is a baby at risk of getting chicken pox when exposed to shingles?

they are from the same virus, so to put your mind at ease speak with your pediatrician.

Baby exposed to eucalyptus oil in bath and has developed a rash...what to do?

my son has a large soft lump behind his right ear, he also has a blood shot eye on the same side he is 9 yrs old the lump has been present for about 6 mo his eye has been bloodshot for a few days. ... Read More »