How do I adjust to no-line bifocals?

Answer Wear the New Bifocals OftenWear your new lenses as often as possible. The best way to get used to your no-line bifocals is to use them frequently. Do not wear your old prescription lenses anymore b... Read More »

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How long does it take to adjust to new bifocals?

Adjusting to new bifocals generally takes from a few days up to more than a week, depending on the person. Bifocals are prescribed to people who have difficulty seeing things clearly at different d... Read More »

How do bifocals work?

The first eyeglasses to correct vision were created in the Middle Ages. Lenses to correct farsightedness came into being in the late 1200s, while those to correct nearsightedness were developed in ... Read More »

Can You Shade Bifocals?

Shaded lenses are available for bifocal glasses. Eyewear manufacturers produce shaded bifocal lenses that protect against UVA and UVB rays. Shaded bifocals look similar to sunglasses and do not req... Read More »

Can bifocals be outgrown?

As a teenager, you should have the ability to accommodate. There are reasons why some teens can't. These are usually temporary. Most people wearing bifocals at 18 won't be wearing them at 25.