How do I adjust the load size on an LG front loader washing machine?

Answer LG front loading washing machines come equipped with a load sensor, which determines the load size. Therefore, you adjust the load size in an LG front loading washer by adjusting the number of clot... Read More »

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Comparison of Front Loader to Top Loader Washing Machines?

"We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry," said literary humorist E.B. White. While doing the laundry may not make you happy, ... Read More »

Is a 3.8 front load washer large enough to wash a set of king size sheets?

For regular sheets, it'll be full but it should be OK. If you have flannel sheets, that could be a problem. I have a 5.0 cubic foot top-loader and my flannel king-sized sheets barely fit...

Can you use top loader washing powder in a front loader washing machine?

Yes you can, but it is best to use the suitable kind of washing powder for each. Some of the substance are different so it is best not to It is detergent. The only difference is a lower value foami... Read More »

How to Load UTG S368 With the Airsoft Speed Loader?

The 368 is UTG's airsoft copy of the popular L96 sniper rifle.This airsoft replica has a rather unique magazine and loading operation, which can often confuse newer players. Even referring to the g... Read More »