How do I adjust the Logitech PS3 head set volume?

Answer Position the Logitech headset so you're looking at the outside of the earpiece. Press and hold the "multifunction button" on the outside of the earpiece for 5 seconds to turn the headset on; the li... Read More »

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Will the volume speaker from a logitech x230 set work on the logitech x 530?

The wattage is different 6 watts for the x230 and 7.4 watts for the x530 speaker but I think the main problem is that the plug that fits into the subwoofer from the speaker for control is different...

How to Adjust Tracking With a Logitech MX1100?

Logitech MX 1100 is a wireless mouse embedded with a laser sensor for precision tracking. The scrolling-wheel shifts between hyper-fast and precision spinning. The backward and forward buttons to t... Read More »

How should I adjust set top box volume with that of LED TV volume?

The volume control of the set-top box should be adjusted so that you can most easily use the TV's volume control -- which is to say that when you use the TV's control, it should be very easy to se... Read More »

How do you adjust the mic volume on iPad 2?

There is no hardware or system sensitivity adjustment for the built-in mic. The recording app may have a mic gain adjustment.