How do I adjust a door jamb after installation?

Answer De-Nailing the SidesRemove the pins from the door hinges, lift the door off the hinges and set it aside. Use a pry bar or hammer to pry the vertical jamb pieces away from the framing until you can ... Read More »

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How to Glue a Car Door Jamb?

Slamming your car door shut only to have part of the arm rest or interior padding fly off is a frustrating experience. When things fall off your car door, they may have been partially attached to y... Read More »

How to Frame a Door Jamb?

Doors are framed in two three sided rectangular arches. The outside arch is a part of the wall and consists of two pairs of vertical studs, two studs on each side and a horizontal header. The jamb,... Read More »

How do I trim a door jamb?

Lay a piece of flooring next to the jamb. Hold a handsaw flat against the flooring and saw horizontally into the jamb. Slow down when you near the wall to avoid unnecessary damage. Remove the loose... Read More »

How do I level a door jamb?

Level the TopAssemble the jamb by nailing the top to the sides with finish nails. Set it in the doorway, and check the top piece with a level. Lower one of the side pieces to make the top perfectly... Read More »