How do I address a business letter?

Answer AlignmentAlign all items in the business letter to the left. After the date and any letterhead, what immediately follows is the address. The business letter can be typed in any word processing prog... Read More »

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How do I address two people in a business letter?

Inside AddressBegin the first address two spaces below the date, flush with the left margin. The name of the recipient and full address information should be included. Below that, two spaces down, ... Read More »

How do I address a business letter with two names?

A Business Letter to Two MenBegin your letter with the following greeting:Dear Mr. [First Man's Last Name] and Mr. [Second Man's Last Name],Put the following in the name area of the envelope:Mr. [F... Read More »

How to Address a Woman in a Business Letter?

Writing a business letter is different than writing letters for other audiences. A business letter uses a formal tone, which has specific requirements for salutations. When you address a woman in a... Read More »

Can you have a business address for taxes and a different mailing address?

Many businesses opt to incorporate in states that offer favorable tax advantages. When incorporating, you can specify a business address, and a mailing address, and those do not have to be the same... Read More »