How do I add wireless Internet to a Dell desktop computer?

Answer Contact Your Wireless ProviderOrder wireless Internet service from a provider. Wait to receive your wireless Internet equipment.Set Up Your Wireless EquipmentSet up your wireless equipment. Plug t... Read More »

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How do I add a wireless connection to a Dell desktop computer?

AdapterPurchase a USB wireless adapter. Insert it into a USB port on your Dell desktop. Your Dell computer will detect and setup the hardware.RouterPurchase a router, if you don't have one. Use an ... Read More »

How do I get wireless Internet on a desktop computer?

In order to access a wireless network from your desktop computer, you will need a wireless adapter. The easiest method is to use a USB wireless adapter. These simply plug in to one of the computer... Read More »

Can you get wireless internet on a desktop computer?

Here you have a few options. First one is if the computer has a USB port available yoou can get a wireless dongle that plugs into the USB port. Install the software first then plug it in and it w... Read More »

How to Setup a Desktop Computer for Wireless Internet?

Laptop computers are not the only devices that can connect wireless Internet, desktop computers can as well. It is possible to connect your computer to the Internet by yourself without hiring anoth... Read More »