How do I add water to my radiator?

Answer Water versus Anti-FreezeDon't fill the radiator with water; it can freeze in cold conditions. It can also rust parts inside the engine. Use anti-freeze to fill the radiator.Through OverflowOpen the... Read More »

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Why Does the Water in a Car Radiator Often Boil Explosively When the Radiator Cap Is Removed?

A careful guideline about checking coolant on automobiles is to never remove the radiator cap when it is hot due to its explosive nature. Caution should be used as antifreeze coolant is also a dang... Read More »

Can you use radweld in a radiator and must the water be hot in the radiator?

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How to Put Water in a Radiator?

The cooling system circulates fluid through a running engine to absorb its heat. The thermostat opens a valve to send the fluid into the radiator when it gets hot. The radiator receives the heat fr... Read More »

How to Add Water to My Radiator?

Adding water to the radiator can be a little intimidating, and steam burns and overheating await those who do not do a proper job. The good news is that a doing a proper job is not difficult or tim... Read More »