How do I add subtotals in Excel?

Answer Choose the Location for the SubtotalClick the cell where the subtotal will be displayed. For example, if you wanted to add together the numbers stored in cells A2 through A5, you could either click... Read More »

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How to Nest Subtotals in Excel 2003?

Microsoft Excel 2003's nested subtotals calculate subtotals for multiple categories. Imagine, for instance, a spreadsheet that lists monthly utility expenses. The first column will list months. The... Read More »

Subtotals on Multiple Levels in Microsoft Excel?

Using the "Subtotal" function in Microsoft Excel is convenient when you have multiple lists and want to see total amounts, or subtotals, for each list as well as a "grand total" for everything on y... Read More »

How do I display subtotals in Quicken reports?

Quicken is a popular financial software application created by Intuit. The application is commonly used by individuals and small business owners to help automate bookkeeping functions. The applicat... Read More »

How to Create Totals & Subtotals in Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access has many built-in tools to customize your reports and increase their usability. Instead of manually adding up values in your report, Access calculates totals and subtotals of the g... Read More »